About Our Mission

-Turning up to your job on time and working with minimum electrical safety standards to ensure your job runs smooth-

-Clean and tidy as we do your project.  We make sure your project is a clean and neat as we progress-

-Helping improve your projects with innovation and design-

-Understanding your background and unique point of view so that we can create the best user experience-

-Helping you with what works in keeping with advancements and technology in our industry-


Finding the right tradesman for your house or office is not always the best task.  You need someone you can trust, who understands your needs.


Sure…You can invest your hard earned money in cheap electrical products.  But you always get what you paid for…..


With One Point E & C, you get a great professional clean service.  All your concerns are met with a quality guarantee and we make you feel at home.

Raising The Bar

Raising the bar when it comes to our work is key to improving our services to your satisfaction.  We take your feedback very seriously.

We have found that working in many industries and on all types of projects over the years has helped us get a better all round understanding of our clients needs. From working with direct power sources to waste management, telemetry systems, solar designs and installations and the list goes on.  We feel we have that added advantage that you have been looking for.