Portable Generator Tips – Three Things You Need To Know For Safety Purposes

Are you aware that portable generators, if not setup and used properly can be hazardous to your health? There are three dangers associated with backup generators that should be of great concern to the new owner. The possibility of fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and electric shock are three of the top concerns associated with all standby generators. This article takes a look at and offers portable generator tips to address these safety concerns.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Using an electrical generator indoors, in a garage or close to windows or doors of the home can be disastrous. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is part of the exhaust of a running portable generator. This poisonous gas can see into even the smallest openings in walls, around windows and doors. Even opening windows and doors and using fans does not seem to lessen the danger altogether. When inhaled for an extended length of time, carbon monoxide can result in death.

Electric Shock

Electrocution is a very real danger when a generator is operated outside of the safety guidelines as stated in the operators manual. Remember to keep the generator clean and dry. Make sure it is kept housed in a well ventilated and dry area underneath an awning of some type to keep out the weather. Never touch a generator with wet hands or stand on wet ground and let yourself come in contact with a running generator. Doing so could result in electrocution. Become totally familiar with the portable generator safety tips outlined in the owners manual.


Remember never to store gasoline, kerosene or other flammable liquids near a running generator. Doing so is risking fire and or explosion. Never attempt to refuel a hot generator. Always shut down the generator and let it cool for a few minutes before any attempt is made to refuel the generator.

Electricity is such an important part of our lives today. Whenever the power fails for whatever reason, a good emergency generator is the next best option as they are capable of running even the most demanding household appliances. How safe are them? Remember, they are perfectly safe if the user will simply read and adhere to the portable generator tips and procedures as clearly outlined in the user operator's manual. Never take shortcuts with a portable generator.

Source by Marion Jonsen