Solar Installation Maryborough

One Point Electrical and Communications is the first place to go when you are looking for electrical services in the Maryborough area. We pride ourselves in the skill and professionalism of our technicians and electricians, and in the pride we take in offering our customers only the best in service. Whether you are looking for servicing, maintenance, installation, cleaning or repair work, we stand ready. While our services cover a range of needs here we focus on what we offer when it comes to antenna replacement and solar installation Maryborough.

Solar Installation Maryborough

More people are moving towards being able to provide at least some of their own power in the form of more Eco-friendly options such as solar panels. But the installation of these panels and then the maintenance and cleaning of them needs to be something a professional service handles for you.

Someone you can trust that has a lot of experience and expertise. That is what we are pleased to offer at One Point Electrical and Communications. Whether you want to use thermal panels or photovoltaic panels to generate electricity we have the skill in solar power installation Maryborough.

We meet all the standards that are required and are certified for solar installation Maryborough. We can help guide you if you need advice on what is best for your needs, and when it is time we can check on them and carry out the important cleaning process they require to continue to function optimally.


TV Antenna Installation Maryborough

As part of the top services we offer, we also can help with the installation, replacement and inspection of a TV antenna. Nowadays most of us spend some time watching TV and some of us still rely on some form of an antenna to do so. If yours has broken and you are looking for TV antenna replacement, Maryborough our team at One Point Electrical and Communications can help. There are a number of different types of antennas, including;

• Dish antennas
• Wired antennas
• Travelling wave antennas
• Microstrip antennas
• Log-periodic antennas
• Aperture antennas

We can offer advice on which suits your needs for TV antenna installation Maryborough and you can then choose what you prefer. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages and suits different people and places depending on their situation and viewing needs. We have experience with all kinds of antennas.


When it comes to installing and maintaining solar panels and TV antenna installation Maryborough, our technicians are the best you can get. We offer a free quote for any work you need done and place a lot of importance on customer satisfaction. We promise to be there when we said we would, get the job done to the highest of standards, keep your home safe, tidy up after ourselves and provide technicians with skill and experience. If you are looking for top electricians in Maryborough, get in touch today!

Give us a call at 0435950723 today or check on our site for a free quote and see what we can do for you!