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Is It Safe To Visit Cyprus?

I was recently asked to visit the Mediterranean island of Cyprus on an assignment. My initial reaction was to wonder whether Cyprus was a safe place to visit, given that I had some recollection of recent problems in the area.

Electrical Training With Apprenticeships

Electrical training is generally a combination of classroom and hands-on training, often under the auspices of labor union apprenticeship programs that last for several years. While there are some basic classes for do-it-yourselfers that are short and sweet,

Can I Backfeed My Generator Into My House?

Backfeeding is the deadly practice of wiping your portable generator directly into a household socket. This act will supply electricity to the power lines which will create voltage. When a utility worker comes to check the "dead"

Sharp UX P-100 Printer Review and Guide

Do you find yourself constantly asking what other people think about products? Are you one of those people that find yourself always double checking reviews before purchasing something? Well we going to review the Sharp UX P-100 Printer and discuss some of its features,

Illuminated Globe – Why Should You Buy One?

You've had normal globes for some time now. You've always been a traditionalist in this respect, purchasing the globe that is the most modern representation of the world. But did you realize that the faces of gloves have been changing for some time?

Wi-Fi Security and Safety

Have you heard rumors about wi-fi safety? Are you concerned about your security when you access the Internet through a wi-fi location? If you are concerned by these types of rumors and issues you are not alone.

Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits

With rising energy costs today, it may prove insightful and money saving to conduct a quick energy audit through your house. Begin with a well thought out check list and you may discover a variety of energy issues in you home.