Home Care Workers Guide to Oxygen Safety

Home Care Workers have a difficult job of maintaining several things in the home. They interact with the patient and family, as well as medical personnel that may visit from time to time. Working with different equipment such as mechanical lifters, wheelchairs, and oxygen. This article will briefly describe how to stay safe in the home when working with oxygen. Keep oxygen away from heat sources such as radiators and sunlight. Place oxygen cylinders in a secure holder, in a upright position. Always use water based lubricants on the patients lips and hands.

Oxygen itself does not burn. It can feed a spark and cause it to become a large fire in seconds. Signs that indicate no smoking should be placed outside the front door and posted around the home. Do not allow anyone to smoke in the room where oxygen is being used. Avoid open flames within ten feet of oxygen.
This includes having an open flame stove and a candle. Other things that should be avoided are: frayed cords, extension cords with oxygen equipment. Avoid using electric razors and hair dryers while using oxygen. Heating pads are great during the winter months, however they also can not be used with oxygen. When changing a person's bed sheets. Avoid nylon or woolen clothing or blankets, because it is more likely to cause static electricity. use cotton. A humidifier in winter should be used to add moisture to dry air in your home.

Hopefully, this article has informed the Home Care Worker and anyone who works closely with oxygen how to keep them safe and incident free.

Source by Marco Bee