Fire Alarm Strobe – Lighting Your Way To Safety

There is no doubt that lights are one of the most effective ways of grabbing people's attention. Neon lights draw your eyes towards shop signs and advertisments. In the streets, traffic lights help keep traffic flow organized. Boats use lighthouses to guide them back to shore. No matter where you are, when lights flash, you can not help but look.

That is why a fire alarm strobe is a very effective way of getting people's attention in the event of an emergency; in this case, a fire emergency.

When a fire starts in a building, the fire alarm system automatically contacts the fire department through an alarm transport system or ATS, and activates several fire safety devices, such as the sprinkler system. At the same time, the system also turns on the siren alarms and the fire alarm strobe. The fire alarm strobe flashes brightly, alerting the building occupants of the fire and directing them to safety.

When fire alarm strokes were first used, bright colored lenses were used. Most of them were red and blue, just like the lights on police cars and ambulances. However, the Americans with Disabilities Act decreed that fire alarm strokes may no longer be made of colored lenses.

Because of this, most fire alarm strokes these days just use clear lenses, although there are still a handful of fire alarm system manufacturers that prefer using the colored fire alarm strokes.

Most of the time, the fire alarm strokes and siren alarms are used in conjunction with each other. The combination of light and sound is very effective in getting people to look and see what's going on, and alert them of the fire emergency.

A few decades ago, strokes were mostly in discos and nightclubs. But over the years, fire alarm strokes have been proven to be very useful in preventing a lot of injury during fire emergencies. They have certainly come a long way from just being a decoration over the dance floor.

Source by David Faulkner