Acn Video Phone To Trump Other Voip Providers?

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The new ACN video phone will be announced on the March 22, 2009 episode of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. According to ACN they are the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications.

According to the preliminary information, the ACN Iris 3000 video phone is a large desktop device with a 7-inch high-resolution screen and enhanced phone book. Besides being able to see the person on the other end of the line who is also equipped with a video phone, the ACN video phone let’s a person use the large screen to manage contacts, upload still pictures or leave video mail.

So, now when you dial into your VoIP service, which can also be supplied by ACN or another provider, you can talk with video to anyone around the world or you can leave them a message with a video of your lovely mug and whatever else you’d like to put in the viewing area.

People have long awaited the compact all-in-one high resolution video phone for business purposes (or for Valentine’s Day, you get the picture) and now this dream is turning into a reality. This begs the question of how long it will take other VoIP phone providers to follow suit?

This also begs the question of whether Internet service providers will be up to the task and bandwidth of streaming high-resolution video over DSL, cable and satellite connections? The ACN video phone is expected to expand business video conferencing and enable consumers to communicate with friends and loved ones in a more personal manner.

Consumers have been asking for years for the end of clunky headphones and tiny laptop cameras and it looks as if video phone technology is finally coming of age. From the boardroom to the living room and all areas in-between, this could just be the Next Big Thing in the telecommunications industry.

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