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The Philosophy of Engineering Jobs

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Philosophy in its own right is as broad a field of knowledge as engineering, and in some respects even shares similarities regardless of how unusual this pairing first appears.

Pitfalls, Obstacles and Dangers Of Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini is our inner consciousness which usually remains dormant in an individual. Through different practices the inner consciousness slowly become awakened and travels upward, tracing the path of Sushumna from the Mooladhar [root chakra ] to the next five centre of consciousness and finally arriving at the highest and purest centre of consciousness at Sahastrara [ crown chakra].

Proper Waste Management

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Proper waste management is as important as the ecosystem balance. It might sound like an exaggeration but it is true. It cannot be denied that waste problem if not foremost is one of the top dilemmas of every country.

The Characteristics of Sustainable Living Communities

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An environmentally sensitive community characteristically strives to minimize waste, reduce consumption, and preserve open spaces. A general principle of sustainable real estate development is that the community does not produce waste faster than it can be assimilated back into the environment.